It is not possible to push my changes to Bitbucket. As push response I will get the following error message: “The commiter cant not be detected as valid (Bitbucket/Stash) user“

➜  git config
➜  git config

➜  git push
Workingdir /development/testenv/repository/rep_1
Output: remote: [09:31:32] [1cf24518e0f] [ERROR] [Commit not executed] The commit author cant not be detected as valid Bitbucket user. (Commit Author: no-name Commit Email: Please check if the user exist
Output: remote: 
Output: remote: Create pull request for common-test-branch:        
Output: remote:   http://bitbucket-server/projects/PROJECT_1/repos/rep_1/pull-requests?create&sourceBranch=refs/heads/common-test-branch        
Output: remote: 
Output: remote: [09:31:32] [1cf24518e0f] [WARNING] [User detection] No user with the email could be detected. Try to use the author name of the commit no-name    


Smart Commit Actions will be triggered with the credentials of the commit author. In each commit the authors name and the authors email will be checked against valid Bitbucket users. The email and username must be related to a valid Bitbucket user account.

In the above example there is one commit in the push transaction. The author name and the authors email can not be linked with a valid Bitbucket account.

There is no user with the username "no-name" and no user with the email "".

We need to check the related commit message regarding the commiter name and the email. The commit we can detect based on the hash in the error message. So we need to change this commit and try to push it again.