After the configuration possibilities have been described in general, these possibilities are additionally described with examples. I would like to point out that the following CQL queries are only examples and must of course be adapted to your use case or your Confluence page structure.

Merge-Hook - Test reports are required

The following scenario assumes that a test report must be created before a new code change can be integrated. A merge hook is configured accordingly, which checks whether a test report exists for the respective issue and is in the correct status.

Page selection based on CQL

In the Test-Reports folder you will find the following 3 Test-Report sample pages. Also you will find examples of how these can be identified by the CQL. However, it is clear that other CQLs may be necessary in your company to identify the corresponding pages. It depends on your structure. 

PageIssue key (e.g. commit message)Identified by Query-ExampleDescription
New Example Feature - Just for Test DemonstrationDEM-1label = "%key%" and label = "test-report"Match the given page, because both labels match
DEM-2 Test Report - Fix of bug 4711DEM-2title ~ "%key%" and title ~ "Test Report"Match the given page, because the page title contains both strings
DEM-3 More Bitbucket hooksDEM-3title ~ "%key%" and label = "test-report"Match the given page, because the page title contains the issue key ant the label "test-report" is given

Page properties configuration

Now let's evaluate the page properties of the above detected pages. The page properties are for all three pages the same, but the page properties are different (please check the related pages and you will see).

PageMerge will beIssue key (e.g. commit message)Properties-ExampleDescription
New Example Feature - Just for Test Demonstration


approval by=software team lead

The merge is allowed, because:

  • the issue key is correct in the page
  • the property tester is not empty
  • the test status is "tested"
  • the approval has been done by the user "software team lead"
  • and the approval-status is "approved"
DEM-2 Test Report - Fix of bug 4711



The merge will be rejected, because:

  • the test status is in "progress" and not "tested"
  • Nobody has done the approval
  • approval-status is not set
DEM-3 More Bitbucket hooks



The merge will be rejected, because the approval-status is "needs rework"