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App - Privacy Policy

General information

The following notes provide a simple overview of what happens to your personal data when you use our Atlassian add-ons. Personal data are all data with which you can be personally identified. You can find detailed information in this privacy policy.

Information about the data controller

The controller responsible for the data processing of the add-on is:

DevOpsSystems GmbH

Benjamin Müller
Saarpfalz-Park 1
66450 Kleinottweiler

Email: info(at)


  • Add-on: An extension for an Atlassian system developed by DevOpsSystems GmbH 
  • Atlassian system: A product developed by Atlassian, which serves as the runtime environment for our add-ons. (e.g. Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira, Bamboo) 
  • Administrators: A group defined by the operator of the Atlassian system, which has special rights to manage the Atlassian systems.

What information is collected and stored by our add-ons?

By default, the add-on does not collect or store any data about users or user behavior. However, administrators of the Atlassian systems are able to enable debug logs. By enabling these logs, the following information is stored in a log file:

  • What add-on-specific action was taken
  • Date and time of execution
  • Context of the action to be able to evaluate the action
  • Exceptional situations that indicate an error

Personal data such as user names or IP addresses are not stored in the process.

Where are these data stored?

The standard logging mechanism of the Atlassian system is used to store the information. As a result, all information is stored in the log file defined by the Atlassian system, which allows administrators of the Atlassian system to determine the storage location of the log file. By default, the location is in the home directory of the Atlassian system.

Are data transferred to other systems or third parties?

Our add-ons do not transmit any data or other information to third parties. 

However, functionally necessary information is exchanged between Atlassian systems. This exchange between Atlassian systems is, however, switched off by default and must be switched on by Atlassian system administrators.

Is usage behavior evaluated?

User behavior is not automatically evaluated. The data are only evaluated by means of an explicit support request or an order for troubleshooting. Also in this case, the user must send the log files to us manually and the data are also evaluated manually. No personal data are evaluated in the process.

Who has access to the data and what access rights are required?

The operator of the Atlassian system determines the required access rights by determining the access rights to the log files of the Atlassian products. 

How long are these data stored?

How long the log files are stored is determined by the Atlassian system and its administrator. The add-on has no influence on this.

How can a user delete, block or rectify their personal data?

Our add-on does not store any personal data. The log files can be deleted by making a request to the administrator of the Atlassian system.

How can the user object to the storage and evaluation of his or her personal data?

Our add-on does not store any personal data.

Revised January 2022

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