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Our Add-ons

Default Tasks for Pull Requests

The Default Tasks for Pull Requests is a Bitbucket plugin that has the goal to configure default tasks for pull requests. Not only the tasks themselves can be configured, but also various conditions under which these tasks should be created. So it is possible to create tasks at creation and at reopening of a pull request. It is also possible to create tasks not only depesnding on an event, but also conditionally based on pull request author, reviewers, target branch, source branch and much more.



Jira Hooks for Bitbucket

Jira Hooks for Bitbucket integrates constraints into the Bitbucket workflow. The defined conditions ensure the integrity of a code change with the associated Jira issue. If a condition is violated (e.g. the issue is not in the correct state), a merge or a push is not allowed. Jira Hooks for Bitbucket thus enables you to support the development process defined in your company with defined rules.


Confluence Hooks for Bitbucket

The add-on "Confluence Hooks for Bitbucket" has the target to map your workflow between Confluence and Bitbucket. Especially from the point of view of development process or also from the point of view of certification bodies, many documents are necessary regarding software development and the quality assurance. It must be ensured that documents are not only available, but also be lived and integrated into the workflow


Smart Commits for Bitbucket

Smart Commits for Bitbucket allows developers to perform special actions on Jira issues and in Bitbucket pull requests. Each commit message can contain magic keywords that define specific actions. These actions are performed when the change sets are announced by a push in Bitbucket. The change sets are examined in terms of keywords and their parameters and, if present, appropriate actions are performed.



Smart Commits Checker for Bitbucket

Smart Commits improve the daily work with the Atlassian Stack. However, when using these magic keywords, typos can occur or incorrect values can be given. But once the changes have been published, it will be difficult to change the information again. The wrong information in the commit message can only be corrected with the "force push" option or the related results needs to be changed manually in Jira. Unnecessary, error prone and thanks to "force" also dangerous. The Smart Commit Checker for Bitbucket prevents these errors in advance by detecting many of them. If an error (e.g.typo in transition name) will be detected, a push will be rejected and the wrong commit messages are not pushed.




If you plan to use Smart Commits for Bitbucket and Jira Hooks for Bitbucket in a bundle, we can offer you a discount. Please contact us via Help-Desk to get a promotion code.

Customers who trust our products or services

In addition to the pure software companies, our customers also come from various business areas such as finance, automotive, aerospace and the consumer goods industry.

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